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Vice Versa and Lame Duck

Vice Versa Sprint Distance Triathlon offers you a choice, you can either swim-bike-run or do something first, then bike and swim to the finish! Vice Versa is a faster way of racing....if you dont believe us just check the results. 9 of the Top-10 men swam to the finish as did 6 of the Top-7 women in 2013!

Vice Versa Triathlon

The Allenhurst Beach Club
Allenhurst, New Jersey





Packet Pick Up: Friday at the Allenhurst Beach Club, (up on the boardwalk) 5-7 pm. You can also pick up on race morning, at The Allenhurst Beach Club 5am-6:30am. 

You can sign up for the race in person for an additional $15 late fee at either packet pickup. Note CASH only (no checks or credit cards)

Race Morning:


5:00 am   Transition opens

6:50 am   Transition closes, athletes walk to run start.

6:50 am   Mandatory pre race meeting at run start

7:00 am   Race Start

8:30am    Breakfast start! 9:15am    Awards

Post race party and awards on the boardwalk!


Jersey Shore Multisport


Greetings Vice Versa/Lame Duck Voyager!


Please note:  Packet pickup is Friday, July 5th from 5pm-7pm at The Allenhurst Beach Club boardwalk, and race morning from 5am -6:30am at race transition area outside Allenhurst Beach Club.  Those doing Vice Versa – you will need to let us know what course you are starting with – run or swim!


Yes, we are embarking on a journey where no racer has gone before!   Thanks for giving our 2012 version of Vice Versa a try.  It should be fun.   The premise is simple…You choose your race at packet pickup Friday or Saturday:  Swim bike run, or run bike swim.  Everyone lines up for the cannon, eventually merges on the bike, and either runs to, (with a splash in the ocean wash 50 yards from the finish), or swims to the finish.


Important things to note:

Parking:  Use the side streets for parking.  We have to save some parking at the club for members to use.  So please don’t move an orange cone if it saves a spot.  Park on either side of Ocean Ave.  It’s OK to use the roads we race on close to transition, as long as you stay away from the corners.  Be prepared for spill over local July 4th family visitors, and come early to find parking.


Courtesy:  Please be quiet as you close car doors and talk amongst yourselves out in the early a.m. when you park in the residential areas.


Spectators:  Your fans MUST be there before the 7am start, or they will have to walk quite a ways in from the south or west of Norwood Ave.  Tell your support team the best place to be is ON THE ALLENHURST BOARDWALK.    They are welcome to come on the beach to see you finish as well.  The elevated Allenhurst Beach Club provides a great view for wheel chair viewing as well.  It is a great place for the whole family to see you race.



Vice Versa is a throwback race, when things were simple.  We only number 1-16 for race returning champs and podium.  So you can rack your bike anywhere you want when you arrive, just make sure you alternate sides of the rack between each bike.  Where your front tire rest is where you should have your transition gear.

There is no transition fencing at Vice Versa.  Like the old days, you rack and abide by the honor system to ONLY USE THE MIDDLE AISLE for in and out.  No skipping out the sides.  If you do, your electronic chip will not pick up that you passed through properly, and you could be disqualified.

Speaking of electronic chips, because of the wacky format and late decisions on what course you may choose, we can only provide overall time on race morning.  You will get your splits on Monday when we have had a chance to catch up with whom did what.  So keep your watch on and hit the lap button to compare notes post race!



We will line up the runners up top by the boardwalk behind transition.  Swimmers will align with runners on the beach.  Triathletes pointed north, and Lame Duck’ers pointed south.


T1  Most swimmers will make it back to T1 before the runners.  PLEASE put you wetsuit under your bike before removing it from the rack so it is not in the way of others coming after you.  Do not throw helmets and goggles into your neighbor’s yard!  Everyone runs the bike out to the mount area and hangs a quick left, a quick right, across Ocean Ave. and then head north on Norwood (Rt 71) Ave.  It is here where if you are getting into your bike shoes, you would be smart to do so.  You will waste a lot of time braking, turning and trying to stay right amongst parked cars and bikers before Norwood.



Three laps on the bike.  The course is a screamer.  One thing very important…NO AERO BARS IN THE TURNS!  It can’t be done, for they are too tight. You need brakes.  I repeat, NO AERO BARS IN ANY BIKE TURN!

Be careful of people on Ocean Ave. out for a ride of their own.  They will be there at some point.  Keep right, pass left.  I repeat…keep right, pass left.  No aggressive passing underneath or outside in any turn.

How to count laps:  The bike starts below the beach club, and the laps on the bike are done just north.  In other words, you will turn right at the man in the monkey suit after lap 1 and 2 before you see the beach club again.  Yes, you read that correct…A man in a monkey suit!  Why is this important?  Because the 3rd time you see the man in the monkey suit…YOU ARE DONE WITH THE BIKE!  That’s it…no right turn.  Instead, stay left and just ahead, you will make another left and see T2 just ahead.


Run to the finish

Runners heading to the finish after mile 2.5 will have to jump up on the south end of the boardwalk and run down a ramp to the beach, pass through the yellow arch, where they will head south along the beach.  You can choose your path, but the hard sand is obviously best and nearer the water.   You will see the side of the yellow finish arch ahead, but don’t head straight for it!   To get to the finish, the course hangs a left into the ocean wash, where you must go around the flag waving volunteer, (and maybe a buoy if we can secure it firmly…TBD).  Then, line up the finish arch for your wet sneaker finish alongside the swimmers, who are also exiting and heading to the finish.  I truly hope that two friends/rivals, who chose opposite courses, will someday emerge together at this meeting point and race to the finish line.

Note:  There is a water station on the run course near the turn around


Swim to the finish

Athletes swimming to the finish will exit T2 and run up the boardwalk, head down the ramp to the beach and pass through the yellow swim start arch to swim to the left side of first buoy.  Keep all buoys on your RIGHT (so swim on the left side of the buoys), and turn right at the last buoy and swim for the finish.  A glance right will allow you to see runners on the beach.  Exit the water and run all the way to the finish line arch.


Lame Duckers

A summary of the above information –

Leg 1 Swim (.5miles): You will start on the beach w/ the Vice Versa Swim start, when the cannon goes off you will run south on the beach, follow volunteer waiving flag to enter the water and will swim out to first buoy and go around the RIGHT SIDE of the first buoy – swim on the RIGHT side of the buoys heading North.  At the last buoy going North, swim around the left side to turn and swim South – always keeping buoys on your RIGHT.   Exit the water and run through the sand, up the Beach Club stairs to transition for the bike.

Leg 2 Bike:  Follow instructions above for the bike course.

Leg 3 Swim:  See instructions above for Swim to Finish.

Course Maps available:


Post-race party and awards will be on the boardwalk.  All are welcome.  We will knock out awards a.s.a.p. with the hot weather and summer traffic, so do not be offended if we start them with racers still on the course.  We will need to move things along.   When awards are done and you’ve enjoyed the festivities, just head up to transition and pack up for the walk back to the car.

Note Awards for Vice Versa:  Top 5 Male/Female overall, Top 3 Relay Teams, Top 3 per age group, Top 3 Clydesdale.  Awards for Lame Duck – 1st Place Male / Female


Please hydrate starting NOW!  Avoid alcohol leading up to race day.  Race morning temps will quickly rise to near 90. 


Get there early, and thanks for racing with Jersey Shore MultiSport.


Carrie Slavinski, Race Director

Dave Slavinski, Race Organizer

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